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Alright, it’s been almost 4 years since I have created this blog and I still haven’t posted anything apart from the introduction post. This wasn’t caused by the lack of time or anything like that, but rather by me being lazy and not motivated. But today I’ve decided to get around and get something done on this blog.

As I have remarked in my previous (4 years old) post, creation of the blog was inspired by the CP4Space blog by Adam P. Goucher, and I have originally intended my blog to remind his in most aspects, writing somewhat expository articles for a somewhat general audience. However, the reason I decided to work on the blog again was that I’ve realized it will be a good opportunity to keep my thoughts on a single problem organized.

A type of post I am definitely going to do, but hopefully it won’t be all of the content of the blog, will be illustrated by the very next post, which is me writing up a single proof. It needn’t be a novel fact; indeed, it will most likely be a result which has several proofs, all of which have some elements which I find appealing, and the proof I type up will mix elements from various proof in an attempt to construct the “most appealing” proof of the fact. Of course it will be just my subjective opinion, so you don’t have to agree about this proof being the best in any aspect, and for that reason I am hoping to get some feedback regarding how you would modify/improve such a proof.

Anyways, I’m going to head out and work on the promised first post. One last remark I want to make is that my goal is not to make these proofs understandable for everyone. Very often some background will be desirable or even necessary to understand what I’m rambling about, but I can provide references to some background material if you’re interested!




Invertibility of ideals in Dedekind domains


  1. Nice to see this blog restart. By the way, did you examine my attempt of proof of Goldbach’s conjecture on

  2. Good luck! So far it looks like you’ve put some serious effort into these posts, more effort than I’ve seen in some published papers in my field…

    • The general idea of the way I write most of these post is the following: I want to make a post from which I would benefit if it was me who stumbled upon it while learning the topic. I am somewhat surprised I have not ran out of motivation!

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